Friday, October 30, 2009

Being with what is

Sitting here drinking my hazelnut coffee out of one of my made-by-an-artist mugs, I am reminded of one of the ten affirmations I wrote down at the beginning of this year.

“I am grateful to have a home filled with beautiful art created by artists and that my prosperity has helped them to prosper also.”

This list of affirmations reflects my hopes and dreams creating a path yet to be. However, in looking around my home, at this very moment, I suddenly realize my affirmation is not only already true, but it was true back when I wrote it in January. The photos of my family and friends in every room, the art of many artists adorning my walls, the autumn decorations that bring the change of the seasons into my home, the cozy-comfy couch that I’m sitting on, even the fall leaf decorated pencil I am now writing with, all of it, came from the creative mind of an artist. As my heart swells with this realization, I sit and enjoy the “Beingness” of it all.

In front of me on the coffee table sits “The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary” with the game “Upwords” that I played with my sweetheart last night. I look up the following sequence of words:

Creative – one who has the ability to create
Create – to cause to exist
Exist – to be
Be – am, are, art, is

Finishing my hazelnut coffee in my made-by-an-artist mug, on my comfy-cozy couch, in my artfully decorated home, I smile and enjoy being with what is.

Colleen is a teaching artist at Colleen Sgroi Gallery & Art Classes on Andover Road in Billerica Center. See too how you can be creative at

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